Selling Your Home

Elements for Success:
  • Market conditions - these need to be considered in our strategy, as the real estate market is very dynamic.
  • The appeal of your property – the condition of your home with respect to the five senses; together, we can identify opportunities and/or challenges.
  • Maximum exposure – marketing your property to each potential Buyer.
  • The right listing price – the first objective is to set the right price according to present market conditions. Pricing your property high can limit or eliminate Buyer interest.
Factors We Control:
  • Listing price - Comparative market analysis (CMA)
  • Condition of your property  - repairs, clean and tidy
  • Promotional strategy
  • Flexibility and availability to allow access to all potential Buyers 
  • Terms of the offer
Pricing Strategy:

  • Makes others look better
  • Fewer salespeople will show your home
  • Buyers are unwilling to negotiate
  • Lost time
  • Reduces buyer competition
  • Unrealistic offers

Finding the Buyer for your Property:
Where do Buyers come from?
  • 78% of Buyers come from other Agents
  • 13% come from other sources such as: flyers, open houses, target marketing, internet and electronic media
  • 6% come from sign calls
  • 3% come from advertising

Maximizing the Appeal of your Property:
First impressions are very important and therefore, we must maximize the interior and exterior appeal of your property to potential Buyers. There are many tips to consider that create an inviting and attractive atmosphere:

• A clean and tidy interior and exterior.
• A neutral and well lit interior.
• A fresh scent.
• Rearranging pieces of furniture to create openness.
• Lights left on throughout the property during showings.
• Easy access and an inviting doorway.
• Clean windows.
• Clean closets that are free of clutter.
• Open doors.
• Clean counter space.
• Keep toilet seats closed.